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The Growth of International Roaming Revenues

International roaming is one of the key growth revenue areas for network operators, even with external factors such as falling roaming rates and increasing regulatory intervention. The good news is with the growth of smart phone usage, there is an increasing demand for constant connectivity and consistent quality of service while roaming abroad. As a result, roaming traffic is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

Ovum, (, a global technology research and advisory company, released its latest forecasts regarding roaming revenues between 2014 and 2019. Ovum found mobile Data is set to account for more than half (56%) of global roaming revenues, generating as much as $50 billion by 2019.

However, can operator profits fully capitalise on the growth when faced with key revenue risk areas that include the accuracy of billing roaming call usage, roaming partner network traffic steering, call quality experience and Sim box fraud detection. These factors determine the level of revenue risk to the operators and the need to eliminate these risks to maintain and grow revenues.

Mitigating Roaming Risk

BluGem Qualitest Roaming Test Solution

To eliminate risk you need to quantify the network’s current roaming issues, to pin-point leakage areas before fixes can be applied. There are a variety of test solutions available, from automated test tools to fully outsourced manual test services. It’s also common for network operators to send an in-house test team to roaming countries, which is obviously an expensive and time-consuming process and often produces mixed results.

Working closely with the second largest test company in the world QualiTest, we have developed a well-rounded and affordable solution that incorporates both the benefits of BluGem’s TCG test automation, combined with QualiTest’s impressive Crowd Testing footprint of 220+ countries – we introduce our Roaming Test Solution.

Our joint roaming managed service is a fusion of expertise and knowledge that provides the benefits of BluGem’s established real-time Test Call Generation with full end-to-end CDR reconciliation and rating, with QualiTest’s Managed Crowd Testing Service; by providing a dedicated team of professional testers ready in over 220 countries.

How Does the Roaming Solution Work?

We have automated TCG test units deployed in several key roaming zones for our core TCG tests, which includes 4G Data streaming.

We then utilise the power of the QualiTest Crowd, which provides access to professional testers who are permanently based in over 220 countries around the World.

Consequently, we successfully combine the bulk volume automation and accuracy of TCG based testing with QualiTest’s Crowd Testing Service, offering one of the World’s largest global roaming test services.

Roaming Service Benefits

  • Fully managed roaming service with dedicated project manager, to oversee both TCG and Crowd to provide a single consolidated view of service test plan delivery.
  • Access to over 2.5 million testers in 223 countries from Greenland to Fiji.
  • Test your network using real phone devices, in real-world conditions.
  • Crowd testers and TCG units can be deployed at short-notice to any country.
  • Flexible test cases built to meet demographic/geographical scenarios of customers’ choice.
  • Network performance feedback in the live environment.
  • Tracking of roaming partner network notification messages.
  • Roaming customer experience network service KPI’s.
  • Voice, SMS, MMS and Data scenarios including 4G Data streaming for social media apps.
  • Prepay & Postpay tests including, Sim credit top-ups, balance enquiries etc.
  • Reduce subscriber 'Bill Shock' via testing of Voice and Data cap limits.
  • Network performance KPI’s include cell id, signal strength/level, network reg. id, location area code etc.
  • Fraud tests available to detect Sim Boxes via CLI verification.
  • Test new roaming service propositions in any key country location to ensure services work from day one.
  • Automated TCG bulk traffic generation.
  • 4G Data streaming for social media apps.
  • TCG tests include roaming CDR reconciliation and rating validation.

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