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BluGem’s new CEM test service

BluGem Test Call Generation

BluGem’s new CEM testing

BluGem are pleased to offer a comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CEM) test service, to provide Quality Assurance for Operators and to ensure a positive customer network experience, with the primary goals of reducing customer churn and lost revenue.

Through automated and manual testing, we track a subscriber’s network experience to ensure core consumer products are available as needed and report any unexpected errors. We offer our CEM service as a Managed Service run by our experienced and dedicated Analysts, who will take a measured view of the PAYG and PAYM services to determine strategic test boundaries.

The benefits of a CEM managed service include:

  • Validating consumer core products and services, to ensure top-ups, bundles, extras etc are all applied correctly.
  • Test new customer products before live implementation.
  • Assure revenue streams through all test cycles.
  • Ensure maintenance of a positive customer experience to reduce customer churn.
  • Data mining of network operators web site to ensure positive experience and accuracy.

To request further information, or for any testing requests, please get in touch.