Test Call/Event Generation

Automated TCG, real-time & industry standard

Test unit close up
Calls/Events are automatically executed in real-time

Each call result is reported immediately and logged in the BluGem system database. BluGem calls are timed accurately utilising the networks layer 3 time-stamp, in accordance with industry standards. GPS/NTP timing alignment is also utilised to ensure call timing accuracy of the independent BluGem Call Data Records.

Providing the whole picture

After successful completion of the test calls/events, BluGem import the corresponding Operator Call Data Records into the BluGem database. We then run our automated CDR matching and rating tool to reconcile all call events, to ensure that all Operator CDRs have been created at the switch/bill (end to end) and are metered accurately and rated correctly.

Our system features include support for 4G/LTE, IMS, USB Web data dongles, automatic system alerts, support for multi-tiered bundles, USSD Real-Time Prepaid Rating, End to End CDR reconciliation and support for multiple CDR feeds from Switch to Bill.

Comply with regulations

Our system supports telecom operators by helping them to comply with telecoms metering and billing regulations, and is an effective tool for providing testing evidence to support the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

We are also a BABT Attestation accredited company to support Telecom regulation for the latest Metering and Billing Direction.


  • Utilising only one test unit you can achieve 60,000 Voice calls per month (30sec call durations).
  • End to End (Switch -> Bill) full CDR reconciliation.
  • Multiple call usage support including Voice, SMS, MMS, Data and Global roaming calls.
  • 4G-LTE Data streaming via apps that include Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube etc.
  • IMS support for VoLTE and VoWiFi.
  • Service assurance testing through bulk traffic generation to validate network integrity.
  • Rack mounted or portable wireless testers that can be networked via Wi-Fi connections.
  • Entry level systems are low cost, with scaleable future options.
  • PDF and Excel based management Summary Reports with full KPI's.
Test unit from above

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