Case Studies & Testimonials

Quantifiable Test Strategies with Substantial ROI Results

The following are a few examples of genuine revenue and network assurance issues discovered by our test services:
  • 5% of PostPaid Mediation CDRs were missing and unbilled by an Operator.
  • Our TCG system detected £89k of lost revenues in a single day (£2.49 million a month), over 700,000 Voice and SMS unrated CDRs were recovered by one Operator.
  • TCG Data usage tests detected large amounts of free rated Data which should have been charged, the estimated revenue loss was between £50k-150k per day (£1.4 - £4.2 million a month).
  • Roaming tests identified data usage allowances exceeded the expected cap rate whilst testing roaming Sims in the USA.
  • An error was detected in a PrePaid IVR platform that prevented customers from topping-up/adding credits.
  • A Voice and SMS 'free' bundle tariff plan was applied twice during the same month, consequently around 30% of the calls for this tariff were unbilled by the Operator due to a bundle rule error.
  • 12% of PostPaid short call durations between 300 milliseconds and 1 second were zero rated and unbilled by an Operator.
  • International testing revealed under-billed call charges to certain countries, due to the PrePaid platform using incorrect rates and country zones.

What our customers say...

Hutchison 3UK

Blugem provide a Test Call Generation solution for Hutchison 3G on a managed service basis. Blugem's product is highly effective and flexible. It delivers all 3's needs in the important area of reducing revenue leakage risks, and it also helps 3 comply with UK regulatory requirements.

Three Logo
Mr. Danny Dixon, Head of Revenue Assurance and Billing
Jersey Telecom

Jersey Telecom have been delighted with the performance of Blugem's Test Call Generator. It was deployed and ready for use in three days, and its intuitive design made staff training easy. It has helped us become more efficient and effective - we now spend less time on housekeeping tasks and more on analysis. Overall, we are glad we made the move from our previous supplier.

JT Global Logo
Mr. Adrian Youd, Head of Fraud and Revenue Assurance

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