Customer Experience Testing

Unique combination of TCG test calls and manual customer experience tests

Blugem Test Unit
Automated and manual test plans

Our professional team has a wealth of experience running quality assurance tests to ensure a positive customer network experience, reducing customer churn and lost revenue. We take a measured view of the network facilities available to the customer and determine the test boundaries, we develop both automated and manual test plans to track the customers' network experience.

We test all the network subscriber services from the customer’s perspective and provide vital feedback on how services are perceived and if they function as expected.

  • Validate subscriber core products and services such as standard and additional bundles, roaming caps, landing pages, new tariff promotions etc.
  • New customer distribution channels e.g. via retail stores, web based accounts, mobile apps, ATMs etc.
  • Network options and promotions for retaining customers.
  • Support network product teams to validate new subscriber PAYM/PAYG products before live implementation.
  • Network brand presence and product availability testing for both domestic and roaming.
  • Assure revenue streams through all test cycles.
  • Data mining of network web site to ensure positive experience and info is accurate.

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