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New Interconnect Fraud Bypass/SIM Box Detection solution

BluGem Test Call Generation

December 2015 sees the launch of BluGem’s new Fraud detection solution, to help operators detect and eradicate interconnection Bypass fraud by using our patented, state-of-the-art real-time call generation solution.

Interconnect Bypass Fraud detection enables operators to quickly and effectively detect termination of traffic via an unregulated and unapproved interconnect route, by generating real roaming and international calls. This means you will be notified seconds after the Bypass was detected, enabling you to take the appropriate measures to stop the fraud.

Interconnection Bypass not only causes revenue risk, it also deteriorates the customer’s network experience and subsequently their perception of telecommunication provider’s services. Network issues such as rejected calls, dropped calls, long call setups, no call back functionality will affect your customer’s satisfaction and experience.

BluGem’s interconnection Bypass solution will eradicate fraudulent Sim box routes and give the best possible call quality and experience to customers.

For full details on BluGem’s Fraud services click here, and for further information and enquiries please get in touch.