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Revenue Assurance Test Solutions

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Our pioneering approach to Revenue Assurance involves utilising the results of our quantative analysis of automated test events to validate all the key network risk areas from an RA perspective. We offer test call/event products and RA managed service audits to provide dynamic and fast results with a proven ROI track record.

Our innovative technology enables us to provide support for the latest network test features, including core revenue streams such as 4G data testing and social media apps. Our TCG/Event solution has advanced tariff rating capabilities which is complemented by our professional service, to verify new tariff promotions including tiered and ad-hoc bundles, roaming charges, domestic/international and premium rate calls. We support the reconciliation of multiple CDR streams and fully track the networks’ data byte count, including free rated data versus chargeable data and the classification of data apps usage and charges.

To find out about BluGem’s Revenue Assurance test solutions, including its health check managed service, please contact us.

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