Roaming Sim Server Test Calls

Roaming Sim Server
Global Roaming Tests

In addition to our Test Call Generator system we offer full rating assurance through using our roaming Sim Server solution. Sim Server offers the capability to switch Sim cards remotely without the need to physically visit the remote site location of the deployed TCG test units. This enables the operator to test many more tariff plans by simply switching Sims as required using the central Sim Server software.

Customers may either purchase a dedicated roaming Sim Server solution, or simply use our roaming managed service by purchasing 1 week or more of roaming test calls for full access to any of our 4G/LTE TCG world units, to validate roaming Voice and Data call charges.

Roaming Call Benefits
  • Maximise Sim price plan usage by selecting the required Sim tariff plan.
  • Highly scalable with up to 13 Sim boards per Sim Array unit (416 Sims max).
  • 4G/LTE capable TCG test units.
  • World roaming zone coverage with strategically deployed units.
  • Randomise Sims to detect potential leakage across all price plans.
  • Reduce 'Bill Shock' by testing Voice and Data cap limits.
  • Capture SMS network notification messages to improve subscriber roaming experience.

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