Service Assurance

Telecom networks have to dynamically update their systems, whether it’s taking account of the latest tariff promotion or supporting a network element migration, these changes can introduce significant risk in terms of impacting the subscriber’s service quality and causing service revenue loss. Networks depend on automated test solutions to validate both the sanity test environment and implementation in the live network in order to identify and track potential service affecting issues. Our test event products enable networks to validate service assurance on a scalable level by bulk volume testing the network for call service integrity, CDR reconciliation and call rating. A single BluGem test unit can achieve 50,000 voice calls per month.

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BluGem’s Service Assurance test technologies and expertise include:

  • Fixed-Line/PSTN, GSM 2G/3G/4G/LTE, CDMA
  • Data streaming via apps including Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube etc.
  • Multiple call usage support including Voice, SIP, SMS, MMS and Data
  • New tariff promotions, domestic/international calls, roaming and premium rate calls,
  • Data browsing, file downloading, data throttling, streaming and data through-put
  • Billing verification across all postpaid and prepaid tariffs
  • Full reconciliation of multiple CDR feeds from mediation and billing platforms


For more information about BluGem’s Service Assurance solutions please contact us.

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