Real-Time Test Call Generator

Test Call Generator with 4G/LTE Data Streaming

TCG Flowchart
Real-time call testing

We are the only company to provide real-time call results even if the testers are deployed at remote switch locations, our customers can still view real-time call results to instantly identify network service issues and revenue leakage. Our system supports remote control of any Android test handset to capture all SMS network notification messages, to validate customer experience and avoid 'bill shock'.

Testing efficiency

Through our advanced wireless design we have maximised our call generation volumes, so we can achieve much higher call volumes than our competitors. Effectively, this saves our customers money as our solution completes more test calls using less units. With full independent full tariff rating we check: accuracy for in/out-of-bundle call usage, rounding and resolution, PRS, non-geographical, on-net/off-net, Domestic, International and Roaming call charges.

Results driven

The BluGem system is designed to rapidly deliver results with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Our customers can easily detect issues from using our one-click quick view reports or by setting automatic alerts to track call failures, unbilled CDRs or call rating issues. Our system supports rating for both USSD and SMS pre-paid balance charges, by interrogating the network balance before and after the call to provide real-time rating call results.

Tailor made solutions

Some customers require bespoke solutions that's why we offer flexible system options, from minor new features to significant and bespoke new system enhancements. We can provide any solution from 1 TCG standalone system to multiple client/server TCG unit solution, to cover domestic and roaming country test calls. Our short network audits help validate networks on an ad-hoc basis for periodic health checks.

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