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Assuring Data is becoming increasingly complex for mobile operators as subscribers choose to interact more with applications rather than traditional web browsing. This presents opportunities for mobile operators to attract new subscribers via promotions that focus on these popular social media and streaming apps.

Our system automates subscriber mobile app usage

The challenge for telcos is how to validate whether the Data usage is from zero-rated apps, chargeable apps, or traditional web browsing usage in consideration of in-bundle/out-of-bundle allowances and the final bill charges.

Our latest innovative Data test feature provides a complete solution for telcos to test and validate app Data accuracy, including reconciliation for zero-rated promotions and chargeable apps. Our system automates subscriber app usage sessions such as Video, Music, Social and Chat to provide independent byte accurate Data session measurements, supporting individual apps and aggregated Data totals.

Key Features:

  • Android and iOS handsets supported
  • Test any application for iPhone and Android, including subscription apps
  • Fully automated for Android app testing including video and music streaming
  • Measure subscriber usage to improve accuracy and achieve scalable test volumes
  • Full CDR reconciliation and rating with byte accurate app analytics
  • Available in all BluGem automated roaming test locations

Our dynamic KPI reports display the Data results in granular detail, which is configurable to support any bespoke customer KPI requirements. These might include Data accuracy measured in priority for each social, chat or streaming group tested e.g. Video = 98.45%, Music = 99.95%, Social = 99.24%, Chat = 97.80% etc. and then further defined on a per app basis e.g. YouTube = 98.40%, Spotify = 99.15%, Facebook = 98.85%, WhatsApp = 97.30% etc, with options to cover both domestic and roaming Data app measurement results.

Replicate real subscriber behaviour

Validating Data becomes more challenging when a subscriber app journey moves from one app to another via embedded URL links to different media content. An example of this can be defined by a subscriber using their favourite social media app feed (e.g. Facebook), accessing a link and streaming a video via a different app (e.g. YouTube) before returning to the social media feed (Facebook). If the video streaming app is chargeable (YouTube) and the social media app (Facebook) is zero-rated, can the Telco identify the app usage classification difference, and rate the CDR Data usage correctly? Our Data test solution automates app test journey scenarios that replicate real subscriber behaviour, providing accurate and fast test results, supporting multiple apps across both domestic and roaming usage tests.

Automated App Testing Benefits

  • Generate more test journeys, more accurately than manual crowd testing
  • Independent CDR reconciliation supports auditing and regulatory compliance
  • Go to market with confidence by testing in live and test environments
  • Reduce customer churn and negative reviews by validating app services
  • Full Data app accuracy tracking including zero-rated app promotions
  • Managed service with flexible SLA’s and full KPI reports