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Rating verification is a key goal for any CSP especially with increasingly complex and varied tariffs, including roaming and Data promotions and constant tariff changes. Independent rating analysis is an important approach for CSP’s to assure their billing accuracy and compliance with regulation.

Validate your Wholesale and Retail Billing

Re-rating verification has become a key goal for network operators due to increasingly complex and varied tariffs, promotions and discounts. BluGem’s Re-Rating solution is a separate tool to the Test Call Generator system and provides rating verification across all tariff trees including a sophisticated bundle hierarchy feature.

The system provides independent rating verification to identify billing errors without the need to generate test calls. The Re-Rating solution enables operators to import any rated network CDRs into the BluGem database for re-rating, to verify the billing accuracy of tariff plans.


  • Manage large volumes of network bill runs for complete verification. Includes National/International calls.
  • Billing Report errors include under-billed or over- billed CDRs, duplication of CDRs.
  • Flexible design with the capability of importing various CDR formats including CSV.
  • Fully automated system with alerts and rating calculation details.
  • Quantifiable concise reports with management summary and end-user reports presented in a graphical PDF or Excel format.