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Do you ever wish you could perform a short audit to test services and product features without the challenging IT integration projects and expensive lengthy contracts? Or maybe you just need a simple snapshot analysis to verify the quality of your network service, metering and billing accuracy and compliance?

Network Heartbeat Testing

BluGem provide a fast and efficient audit health service to test important network changes and new tariff products and features, for pre and post live release.

No system integration or lengthy contracts are required as all we need is your test Sims and an agreed test plan, which we can propose based on our extensive experience.

Our experience of working in test and live environments offers client’s further support to help validate important network releases in both the live and test environments, and to assist marketing/RA with new tariff products, to ensure revenue accuracy and a consistent customer experience is maintained.


  • Cost effective and flexible ad-hoc service
  • No system integration requirement
  • No lengthy contracts
  • Quickly validate core products and services
  • All call types supported Data, Voice, SMS, MMS etc.
  • Specialist test requirements available e.g. 4G Data – Social Media App usage and rating
  • Scalable for further in depth testing for domestic & roaming

In addition to ad-hoc audits our health checks can be scheduled to perform regular heartbeat tests on your network every hour/day/week/month, as a compliance check and general overview of your networks performance.