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Dawn of the Data Binge

BluGem Test Call Generation

The next generation of subscribers are awakening to new mobile Tariff products that offer unlimited data for social media and ravenous music and video streaming services.

Popular Apps are now being included as zero-rated services that don’t eat into the subscriber’s data bundle, meaning they shouldn’t see any unexpected prepaid costs or monthly bill charges 28 days later.

The communications industry is reckoning unlimited data streaming will be the next craze. One possible downside to this data revolution is the rise of more Smartphone Zombies (Smombies), who will be too possessed watching the latest viral content to dodge lampposts, cars and other walkers!

The UK regulator (Ofcom) is currently consulting Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) on data regulation, which when complete will require CSP’s to impose new controls on mobile data. This may present a challenge for telco’s in attaining Metering and Billing compliance for data.

CSP’s are likely to need controls in place to quantify data usage across multiple social media applications (Apps). This might involve creating application test scripts to independently validate network data traffic usage, data classification and rating for both domestic and roaming scenarios.

BluGem has developed an innovative test service to automate subscriber use of third party Apps on real handsets to replicate testing that is as close as possible to real world scenarios. With this test framework, large volumes of data can be generated through either zero-rated or chargeable Apps, allowing switch level byte count comparisons, as well as rating validation. This enables CSP’s to be proactive with their data monitoring and compliance so they are ready when new regulations are enforced.

CSP’s will need to take care to ensure the accuracy of their data services otherwise they risk getting it in the neck from rising Smombie ‘Bill Shock’ complaints. It is also important subscribers correctly navigate their way through the fog of Tariff terms and conditions to ensure they fully understand the data product promotions and charges, especially whilst roaming abroad.

Unlimited data products are likely to prove popular with the next generation of subscribers who demand instant media content on the go. The brains behind these products will hope to lure many new subscribers to their brand but preparation is key to maintaining a well fed Smombie Herd!

Good Preppers can avert an apocalypse with BluGem’s App Data test service. For more information on our products and services please contact us here.

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