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Proactive Testing for Fraud and Assurance

BluGem Test Call Generation

Proactive Testing for Fraud and Assurance was the topic of discussion for one of the expert panels at the telecoms Risk and Assurance Group (RAG) conference in Bahrain. On the panel was BluGem’s Managing Director John Davies, who discussed the reasons for using active testing, and how the nature of testing is evolving to reflect changes in telecoms products & services.

One of the main areas discussed was regarding the revenues shift from Voice to Data, and how testing needs to change to remain relevant. John Davies provided several insights including the need to classify the CDR usage difference between normal URL web browsing and Apps. For example many telco’s are now offering Data App promotions, which may include a specific number of free-rated Apps within premium tariff products, such as a 5GB Netflix Data bundle. BluGem shared its experience having developed over the last 2 years a reverse look-up feature with a tier 1 telco that fully reconciles and tracks specific App usage, without the need for the telco to provide any unique App CDR identification within their CDRs.

John Davies also explained the benefits of having attestation for our Data accuracy testing by the audit body TÜV SÜD BABT. BluGem’s Data testing accuracy is measured to the nearest KB and our unique solution can also provide useful insights to Data over-heads such as Android back-ground Data and App updates.

BluGem further explained how it was achievable to evolve test solutions to remain proactive and reflect changes in telecom products & services by providing examples of BluGem’s latest Data network test features including; using the latest Android Oreo handset devices, SIP, VoWiFi, VoLTE, tracking between 4G and 3G networks and Data through-put speeds.

Other discussions included what the benefits of independent testing are. BluGem’s Director explained that independent testing, without bias to telcos internal or external influences, meant we can guaranteed finding specific issues from both domestic and roaming tests within a short 2-3 week test audit period, including potential issues identified in Voice premium rates and international test calls, Data bundle CDR usage errors and the Roaming customer experience.

The Risk and Assurance Group (RAG) established in 2004, is the world’s longest running business assurance group, and is at the forefront of telecoms, covering the latest matters for risk management, revenue assurance, fraud management and security. RAG conferences attract experienced professionals who openly exchange ideas, helping everyone to develop techniques and tools to counter risks, frauds and leakages. The RAG appeals to the best minds because the agenda is set by experts, not salesmen. This forms part of the ‘RAG Spirit’, a code which promotes sharing industry best practice and seeking the win-win for everyone involved.