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Roaming Tests Where East Meets West

BluGem Test Call Generation

BluGem’s roaming footprint now includes Turkey.

Validate your networks 4G roaming data with our roaming test service. Capture roaming network notifications and test core products and services to identify revenue leakage and prevent subscriber ‘Bill Shock’.

Tourism is rebounding in Turkey following the political unrest and security threats seen in 2016. As visitor numbers rise again so is roaming traffic to and from this popular destination. According to IMF statistics more than half of visitors to Turkey come from European countries where roam like home legislation has abolished high roaming rates across the EU member states since 15th June 2017.

Turkey enhances BluGem’s strategic roaming test footprint by its close proximity and popularity with the EU whilst not currently being a member.

Operators will see improved benefits from BluGem’s Test Call/Event validation service with access to this new location.