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UAE Roaming Tests Now Available

BluGem Test Call Generation

BluGem’s roaming footprint now includes the United Arab Emirates.

Validate your networks 4G roaming data with our roaming test service. Capture roaming network notifications and test core products and services to identify revenue leakage and prevent subscriber ‘Bill Shock’.

The UAE is known for its two largest cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which draw millions of tourists each year and rank among the world’s top tourism destinations. Dubai has emerged as one of the world’s leading international business centres and regional hubs. This cosmopolitan city of diversity is at the crossroad of the globe and has transformed itself into a buzzing international metropolis.

The latest Office for National Statistics report on travel trends has found UK holidays to the UAE have jumped almost 20-fold, largely because of the popularity of Dubai.

Adding Dubai to our list of strategic roaming locations will offer our clients more Test Call/Event validation services as this region continues to grow.

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