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Validating Smart Phone Data Traffic Usage

BluGem Test Call Generation

With large 4G/LTE Data bundles becoming more readily available, we are seeing on a daily basis more mobile subscribers using social media apps via their handsets. Social media apps available are numerous and ever growing, but there are always the big favourites such as Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Google Music/Play etc. where audio and video are often streamed via the 4G/LTE network Data service.

This is great news for Telcos in terms of Data traffic usage, but it’s often complicated to drill-down to truly ensure you are tracking the full Data usage accurately, including the rating of any out-of-bundle Data usage. For example if a subscriber opens Facebook but then clicks on a link to stream a video clip via YouTube, is the Telco network validating the correct charges for both Facebook and YouTube, in terms of Data classification and total traffic usage?

There is always a risk of incorrect Data usage classification and over-charging by networks, where certain social media apps are rated free of charge, when they should have been chargeable content. There is also a customer experience risk if a subscriber is close to their Data bundle maximum usage, does the subscriber receive a complimentary network notification message to warn of the Data usage total, to alleviate possible ‘Bill Shock’ scenarios?

In today’s sophisticated vendor solution market are there sufficient Revenue Assurance tools in place to validate Data traffic, to ensure the charges for traffic usage is being correctly applied from Switch to Bill, and to reduce ‘Bill Shock’?

At BluGem we have developed 4G/LTE Data streaming controls to remotely access Android TCG handsets in any location, to script and automate social media app usage; which is fully integrated into our TCG system as a configurable test suite. Consequently, our customers can generate Data traffic as required via social media apps, to independently validate the network’s traffic usage, Data classification, Data throttling, rating and CEM for domestic and roaming tests.

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