Interconnect Fraud Bypass / Sim Box Detection Solution

Fraud Detection Against Sim Boxes by BluGem

Bypass Detection Calls are executed in real-time

BluGem helps you detect and eradicate interconnection Bypass fraud by using its patented, state-of-the-art real-time call generation solution.

This means you will be notified seconds after the Bypass was detected, enabling you to take the appropriate measures to stop the fraud.

Protecting your revenues

BluGem’s Bypass fraud detection allows you to quickly and effectively detect termination of traffic via an unregulated and unapproved interconnect route.

Call reselling can dramatically affect your revenues of both national and international traffic.

Bypass Detection
BluGem Test Unit

Enhance your customer's experience

Interconnection Bypass not only causes revenue risk, it also deteriorates the customer’s network experience and perception of Telco services.

Network issues such as rejected calls, dropped calls, long call setups, no call back functionality will affect your customer’s satisfaction and experience.

BluGem’s interconnection Bypass solution will eradicate fraudulent Sim box routes and give the best possible call quality and experience to customers.


  • Patented real-time call generation technology means no delays upon receiving the fraudulent CLI’s.
  • BluGem can generate several thousands of calls in a short time frame.
  • Our extended Roaming footprint allows us to cover a wide variety of routes.
  • Run as a Managed service by BluGem, meaning none of your resources are engaged.
  • Dedicated and tailored approach with professional support.
  • Ability to perform ad-hoc testing for short or long terms audit checks.   
  • Rapid test results with minimal implementation over-heads.

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