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The new BluGem TCG App supports testing anywhere in the world

We’ve removed wires, hardware and hosting restrictions to make testing easier, faster and truly mobile so you can test in your home, up a mountain, in an airplane or just in your office.

The process could not be easier and once the test scope is agreed it’s as simple as Download, Connect & Test!


  • Available as an APK file for most Android smartphones running 8.0 (Oreo) and above.
  • Simple registration and phone setup enabling access permissions.


  • Once registered the phone App will connect over SSH to our centralised Server to communicate automated script commands, CDRs and results.


  • Automated tests are controlled from our TCG Platform to perform Voice, SMS, MMS & Data events via the phone without the need for any manual user intervention.
  • Multi-leg call events are also supported through manual test instructions via the App which is also controlled via the TCG Platform.
  • Approved independent CDR capture technology supports reconciliation against network records to fully track CDR usage and billing accuracy.

Whether you have your own phones, or utilise our Crowd network in over 100 countries, our managed service solution can deliver your test results quickly and efficiently.