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Be confident as we step into the future

SIM cards will soon be a thing of the past and your customers will be expecting eSIM compatibility on their networks to improve their mobile media and communication experiences.

Our expert analysts will test all events to find any differences between physical and eSIM provisions.

  • eSIM compatible real Android devices
  • Independent timing analysis
  • Compare SIM against eSIM profiles
  • Full eSIM rating 
  • Profile change across domestic and roaming
  • Capture network notification messages 

Globally hosted eSIM Android devices

BluGem host a large and developed global network of real devices which can be automated to run a wide range of test events from voice and SMS to scripted application control and data tracking.  Using eSIM compatible devices we can immediately verify and validate your eSIM provision.

With the ease of transfer of eSIM profiles, customers use of networks both domestic and roaming is likely to change.  Allow us to ensure that fraudulent use is not permitted and validate any network or device notifications that may arise because of this.

We are also able to provide manual tests with devices sharing a profile, including smartwatches, confirming that CDRs are generated from switch and mediation platforms.

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