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The internet of things

As the IoT market grows in diversity and uptake, it is essential to ensure the acuracy of data records.  With the ability to share SIM profiles with multiple devices and the allowance for a significant jump in concurrent data sessions, there is increased scope for untracked or mis-attributed data.  

Customers will see significant benefits in these connected products and their experience on your network is paramount to keeping them loyal.  Let BluGem independently verify the Usability, Functionality, Timing and Byte Accuracy of your provision so you are more confident with your products.

  • Pre-launch snapshot testing
  • Long running heartbeat testing
  • CDR reconciliation and expert analysis
  • Global distribution of devices and testers
  • Fully managed service

Every byte matters

BluGem supports a wide variety of IoT networking protocols including narrow band networks such as Sigfox and LoRA to connect low-energy devices such as electricity meters. We take an active role in a number of the industry bodies and consortiums. BluGem is a member of GSMA Mobile IoT innovators which is focused on three complementary licensed 3GPP standards:

  • Extended Coverage GSM for IoT (EC-GSM-IoT)
  • Long-Term Evolution for Machines (LTE-M)
  • Narrow-Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT)


To find out about BluGem’s IoT test solutions, including an IoT health check managed service, contact us below.

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