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Roaming & International

Global service assurance

Whether you use our automated TCG units or our Crowd Network we have you covered in over 100 countries, our managed service solution can deliver your test results quickly and efficiently.

Roaming tests are performed across all available roaming zones to validate network experience and charging scenarios. In each location, testing is performed using real user devices to replicate real-world journeys.

  • Test anywhere with our mobile App
  • End-to-End test validation
  • Accurate & efficient repeatable testing
  • Worldwide crowd tester network
  • Automated global TCG system 
  • Test on end-user devices
  • Real-time testing and results
  • Video and image defect evidence

Real devices... real test journeys... anywhere

Our unique roaming and international test solution combines our automated Test Call Generator (TCG) system and the crowd, using our mobile app, to test in an expansive range of locations and situations.

Using the latest smartphones and other end-user devices we generate real-world test journeys so you get results based on your customer's actual experience. 

  • Test any app including streaming services
  • Validate soft and hard caps, and spend limits
  • Fair usage policy testing in all Zones/Bands
  • Roaming network partner steering & services
  • 2/3/4/5G mobile networks supported
  • Capture welcome & help SMS notifications 
  • Validate offers, promotions & add-on bundles
  • Self-care services and number accessibility
  • Test next-generation services like eSIM & OTT
  • PSTN, SIP & Broadband supported

Contact us today to learn more about our international testing and how we can assure your services worldwide.

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