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SMS Customer Engagement

Build trust and loyalty with customers

Whichever statistic you read the open rate for SMS significantly exceeds other delivery methods like email. Don't risk losing this advantage with errors and ensure your notifications, promotions and statements are accurate and compliant. 

  • SMS delivery verification 
  • Message content accuracy
  • Geo-fencing and roaming 
  • A2P originator validation 
  • Account balance reconciliation
  • Real-time results & screenshots

SMS delivery quality assurance

Roaming welcome notifications upon arrival and connection to a foreign network is a well-established example of SMS Engagement that often informs the customer of the service rates in that location, how to get help, and bundle offers to improve their roaming experience. 

Geo-fencing allows companies and organisations to send relevant SMS to customers as they move in and out of a location. Messages engage the customer in that location with targeted information, promotions and offers. Unlike roaming where the trigger is a different country geo-fencing operates at the local level targeting customers when they're near shops or visiting IP addresses. 

Our automated roaming test solution and manual crowd tester network can trigger SMS engagement scenarios and capture responses to validate SMS accuracy. Results are captured in real-time to measure response times and provide rapid feedback. Our international network of real end-user devices capture screenshots of SMS delivery exactly as seen by the customer.  

  • Welcome and thank you messages
  • New product & information launch
  • Reservation changes and travel delays
  • Promotions, coupons and offers
  • Order update and delivery tracking
  • Purchase, transaction & fraud alerts
  • Policy and contract expiry notice
  • Bill and balance statements  

Contact us today to learn more about our SMS validation solution and ensure your customer engagement is quality assured. 

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