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Test Call Generation

Real test events on real devices

At BluGem we feel the best approach to verifying network and satellite products is with real test events using our approved TÜV SÜD BABT attestation solutions, to ensure call usage is accurate for both timing and data volumes.

TCG test calls aren’t just about generating thousands of calls for audits or regulatory purposes, it’s about developing strategic test plans to support your business’s product and services. Our global network of connected devices and intelligent event systems allows us to generate and execute test plans to help assure your network service, call usage and billing.  Our expert team knows where things go wrong and target those areas as part of a fully managed service, or alternatively we can train you on the system so you can host and run the service yourselves.

  • Scheduled automation of test events
  • Strategic test plans to target key risk areas
  • Global network of connected devices
  • Certified timing and byte accuracy of CDRs
  • Independent billing verification
  • End-to-end testing for full customer journeys
  • Planned and unsolicited event capture
  • Fully managed service or sold system

Fully automated and scheduled test events

Our automated event generation can run on a wide range of end-user devices to ensure we cover the latest technologies and services including 5G, Satellite, AR, and IoT. 

New voice, message, and data delivery methods are constantly being developed and requires a corresponding increase to the range of testing needed to validate all products. Our TCG solution supports real devices which enables us to always keep up with the latest product features and developments, whether it’s mobile, fixed or satellite.

Our global TCG system is constantly being developed and enhanced by our in-house development team, to support a wide range of event types including these important services:

  • Voice - GSM, VoLTE, VoWiFi, SIP
  • SMS & MMS
  • SCSMS & IOD services
  • 4G, 5G – Non-standalone (NSA) & Standalone (SA)
  • App data usage and streaming
  • IVR platforms

We don't just capture what we initiate, we also create CDRs from incoming events when a SIM is present within one of our test devices. This means you will also get a view of all network notifications as part of our Test Call Generation service.

For more information on how our system may work for you, contact one of our experts today.

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