Fraud Management

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Find and prevent fraud

Bypass fraud is estimated to be costing operators between $6-7bn a year globally and its direct impact on the bottom line makes its detection and prevention critically important for protecting operating margins.

Customers are also affected by the deterioration of the network experience and quality of service received, which can affect the brand value leading to customer churn and fewer new subscriptions. 

The Fraud Manager needs a range of tools to help combat the dynamic methods employed by fraudsters to proactively minimise targeting of their network. Our solutions can be quickly adopted and run periodically as part of the Fraud Managers tool kit to test and prevent a range of bypass frauds. 

Protecting Revenues & Margin 

  • Loss of revenues from SIM Boxes & OTT bypass
  • Lower termination revenues form CLI Refiling 
  • Loss of call-back minutes from incorrect CLI
  • Fewer answered calls from unknown originators