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iOS Manual Testing

Is there a difference to Android?

With iOS and Android dominating the smartphone market and both taking a fairly equal split of consumers, it is extremely important that Operators check for problems with both device types. Operators may use different APNs or even completely different tariffs for the two operating systems meaning that there is always scope for platform-specific issues.

At present BluGem offers a manual event generation model on iOS, with our globally distributed team of testers ready for any test plan required. Manual events are still registered in our TCG system enabling full reconciliation against network CDRs for multiple feeds.

  • Test on real iOS devices globally
  • Verify iOS only packages
  • Confirm equality on cross-platform provisions
  • Dedicated testers
  • Expert analysis on results

Some things are out of your control

Even if everything on the operators side is working identically for iOS and Android devices, there may still be differences out of your control. 

Free application data offerings are increasing in popularity, but from our experience, the apps on different operating systems or even versions of the same OS target different servers or even use different protocols to source their data.  The knock on effect of this is that 100% free data for an app on Android, may only correspond to 50% on iOS.

BluGem's data experts are on hand to test this for you.

  • Fully managed service
  • App level data reconciliation
  • Comparison between Android and iOS
  • Real iOS devices to assure customer experience
  • Any data network type - 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G

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