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Independent Rating

Billing accuracy assurance

Bill Shock is one of the biggest complaints from customers in the telecommunications industry. Complex tariff modeling, roaming and international zone rates, bundle stacking and free app traffic all allow the promotion of attractive packages for customers, but confusion about the rates, or billing mistakes will only result in high customer churn.

BluGem has developed an approved and accurate tariff modeling system to ensure we can re-rate your mediated CDRs and highlight any discrepancies. Coupled with our Test Call Generator system, we have a full end to end testing solution.

  • Import billing CDR feeds
  • Independent tariff engine
  • Bundle stacking with priority
  • Real-time rating with USSD or SMS retrieval
  • Expert analysis and assessment of errors
  • Fully managed or sold system

Avoid customer bill shock

Our experts know where billing issues commonly arise and we will target test call events for those specific corner cases to maximise the depth of testing within a short time frame. 

We extract tariff details from your publicised material to ensure we test against your customers billing expectations.

Why wait for reports, our Real Time rating system queries the network for PAYG balance pre and post call, enabling instant rating validation tied with instant automated notifications, meaning you get a billing error report within seconds of the call completing.

BluGem's rating service can be hosted and operated either by you, or allow one of our team to manage the system and provide the report results.

  • Bundle expiry
  • Add-ons / Bolt-ons
  • Spending caps
  • Premium rate lines
  • Roaming and International usage thresholds
  • Rounding and Resolution

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