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Data & App Tracking

Independent data assurance

BluGem’s approved Data reconciliation tool enables side by side byte, or packet, reconciliation against your network records. Our global network of real phones ensures you get the most accurate model of your subscriber's experience.

Our expert analysts will help you find and resolve any issues with your data provision, from missing CDRs or incorrect bytes measurements, through to roaming data cap validation and bundle expiry.

  • Approved byte accurate capture
  • Comparisons across multiple feeds
  • Global footprint of test handsets
  • Support for all GSM data networks
  • Application data tracking
  • Automated control of third-party apps
  • Traceability of connection parameters
  • Throughput measurements

Byte accurate data measurements

BluGem’s automated test call generation system allows instant or scheduled execution of events on any of our global network of real Android smartphones. For data testing, the devices can be set to download hosted target files or run an automated device interaction script to simulate the use of 3rd party applications. Coupled with our App tracking system this enables you to validate free app data offerings in your tariff plans.

  • Test Bundle breaches and Data Caps
  • Validate Network Notification delivery against data usage
  • Ensure your free App data really is free
  • Reconcile aggregated CDRs from multiple feeds

Our data tracking is byte accurate and is independent of the test scenarios being executed, meaning any manual usage, or background data is also captured by the system ensuring absolute accuracy.

The BluGem solution can import and reconcile against multiple feeds to ensure full traceability through mediation and other aggregation platforms.

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