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Usability Testing

Unbiased end-user feedback

Having invested time and resource into creating a new or updated digital product are you confident it still meets your customers' expectations?

User experience is often neglected through the operational development of a product therefore it is critical to perform a usability study before going live, otherwise you could miss your target audience or damage your product and brand reputation.

We use our crowd network to obtain real-world unbiased feedback to determine if the product works as the user expects and is consistent with the brand quality.

  • Demographic categorisation
  • Evidenced feedback
  • Qualitative results
  • Defects beyond test boundaries
  • Improved customer experience
  • International location testing

Go-to-market with confidence

We use an international network of crowd testers with a wide demographic to validate your digital product before you go-to-market. We collect and categorise the feedback to provide you with a consolidated report evidencing where the product could be improved to meet the expectation of the user.

  • Video and image evidence
  • Defined usability scenarios
  • Exploratory undefined study
  • Demographic assessment
  • Tester location selection
  • Dedicated project manager

Our solution will provide you with a project manager to understand and scope out your objectives and coordinate the testing through to analysis and reporting. This reduces your workload allowing you to focus on the results so fact-based decisions can be made on how to improve and deliver your product to market.     

Contact us today to learn more about our usability solution and how we ensure you go-to-market successfully.

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