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IMS Voice Calls

SIP, VoLTE, & VoWiFi

With increasing methods of initiating and terminating voice calls on your network, there is a much greater possibility for errors. Packet Switched call methods (SIP, VoLTE and VoWiFi) offer excellent improvements to the customers experience, and are fast becoming the preferred methods of call initiation.

Are you sure that you have tested all possible combinations of start and endpoints, and verified that the metering and billing of the generated records are all aligned? BluGem’s team of experts is on hand to provide a snapshot or long term automated testing across our global network of devices.

  • SIP, VoLTE, VoWiFi, GSM, and PSTN support
  • Real Android devices
  • Validate all IMS Core break-in/out routes
  • Network registration parameters
  • Global support with Roaming service
  • Independent timing analysis
  • Independent rating
  • Full reconciliation against multiple CDR feeds

What can we do to help you?

Our network of the latest real Android devices and soft SIP clients enable us to fully automate initiating or terminating test events using any of the available calling methods.

We can track when calls Fall Back from Packet Switched to Circuit Switched and ensure CDR integrity is retained.

There are a number of failure modes that our system will detect:

  • Missing, cut or aggregated CDRs
  • Timing discrepancies between CS and PS calls
  • Rating differences for PS calls
  • CS fallback
  • Extended connection establishment
  • Failures on roaming partner networks
  • Failures on certain call routes (IMS break in / out)

For more information on how our service can help you, talk to one of our experts now.

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