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As the saying goes, ‘time is money’. Undetected metering and billing errors and network service issues can quickly escalate, leading to reduced revenues and increased customer churn. The increasing popularity of no tie-in products means identifying and resolving service issues as quickly as possible is more important than ever.

Real-Time Test Call Generation with 4G/LTE Data Streaming

  • We are the only company to provide real-time call results on real smartphone handsets.

Even when our TCG units are deployed at remote switch locations, the user can still view real-time call results to instantly identify network service issues and revenue leakage. Our scalable hardware can be deployed domestically to test multiple switch locations and internationally for roaming services.

The system is designed to rapidly deliver results with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The user can easily detect issues from using our dynamic data slice reports or by setting automatic alerts to track call failures, unbilled CDRs or call rating issues. Our system also supports rating for both USSD and SMS pre-paid balance charges, by interrogating the network balance before and after the call to provide real-time rating call results.

The user can remote control any of the Android smartphone handsets to check call logs on the phone and capture all SMS network notification messages to validate customer experience and avoid ‘bill shock’ scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Test calls executed in real time
  • Accurate call timing utilising the networks layer 3 time-stamp and GPS/NTP timing alignment
  • 1 TCG unit can perform 50,000 Voice calls per month (30sec call durations).
  • Full independent tariff plan rating
  • Instant and automatic system notification alerts
  • Scalable solution with full local and remote management tools
  • Capture domestic\roaming network notifications, app balances and caps via handsets
  • System supports 4G/LTE, VoLTE, VoWiFi, SIP, Social Media Apps, Broadband IP, IPAR IP tracking, multi-tiered bundles, USSD real-time prepaid rating etc.

Data Assurance Upgrade

Research suggests smartphones are now the most widely used device for adults to access the internet. This presents a challenge for Telco professionals as demanding Data services such as audio and video content are accessed from mobile phones, via 4G/LTE networks.

According to the latest OFCOM Communications Market Report* 7 in 10 adults now own a smartphone. The continued take-up of this technology is leading to significant increases in the amount of mobile Data usage, which according to the report increased by 64% on the previous year.

Applications including Facebook, WhatsApp and LinkedIn are increasingly utilised, with the report highlighting 50% of all adult social media time, was spent accessing social media via a mobile phone.

‘The question arises whether a Telco’s current risk management solution is capable of identifying and tracking potential Data leakage issues, from growing social media usage.’

For further insights, read our Upgrading Assurance To Cope With Social Media article.

Find out more about BluGem Communications and how we can help assure your revenue streams.

* OFCOM, Communication Market Report. 4th August 2016.

Test Call Generation Process

  • Calls are executed in real-time and the result is immediately logged in the BluGem system database.
  • Any call failures, unbilled CDRs or call rating issues are reported immediately by email notification alerts to multiple user accounts.
  • After successful completion and tracking of the generated test call events, BluGem import the corresponding CP’s Switch and Retail Call Data Records (CDRs) into the BluGem database.
  • Our automated CDR matching and rating tool is used to reconcile all call events for end-to-end reconciliation.
  • The system offers full reporting with management KPI reports and daily, weekly and monthly issue tracking reports.
  • Our dynamic data slice reports give the user flexibility to manipulate reports to quickly identify issues and present them clearly for different internal teams such as finance, commercial and technical.

Tailor Made Solutions

Some customers require bespoke solutions which is why we offer flexible system options, from minor new features to significant and bespoke new system enhancements. We can provide any solution from an entry level TCG Standalone system to Sim Server TCG systems, to cover full domestic and roaming test event requirements.


  • TÜV SÜD BABT certified products for regulatory compliance.
  • Complete more test calls per unit than competitor systems saving time and money.
  • Full End-to-End (Switch-to-Bill) independent CDR reconciliation.
  • Multiple call usage support including Voice, SMS, MMS, Data and Global roaming calls.
  • 4G-LTE Data streaming via apps that include Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube etc.
  • Support for VoLTE, VoWiFi and Broadband IP.
  • Service assurance testing through bulk traffic generation to validate network integrity.
  • Rack mounted or portable wireless testers that can be networked via Wi-Fi connections.
  • Entry level systems are low cost, with scalable future options.
  • PDF/Excel based management Summary Reports with full KPI’s.