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Roaming rates are reducing worldwide which is particularly apparent within the EU, where the ‘Roam Like Home’ legislation has capped rates across the EU member states. Test solutions must utilise the latest market handsets to fully cover network features and track the actual subscriber’s experience, which is key for CSP’s to offset declining roaming revenues.

How Does the Global Roaming Sim Server Work?

BluGem has automated TCG units deployed in multiple countries worldwide to provide diverse coverage of the main Telco roaming zones.

Our Roaming Managed Service is a popular option where we utilise our in-house Sim Server system to access multiple global TCG units to perform automated test calls 24/7. As with our TCG system our roaming Sim Server service includes full CDR matching and rating functionality. All our clients have to do is send us their test SIMs and we perform the agreed test call scripts and provide daily and weekly reports with immediate notifications of any issues detected. Monthly KPI management summary reports are also provided as standard.

A key differentiator of our system comes from our ability to remote access real Android Smartphone handsets in each test country to generate calls and capture all network notification messages, as the subscriber would see them in the roaming country. We can also access the CSP’s Apps and on-line Sim accounts to test the entire customer journey for full quality of experience (QoE) assurance.

The main consumer roaming products and services we validate include:

  • Roaming tariff rates
  • Roaming steering partners
  • Customer experience tracking
  • Full bundle reconciliation (in/out of bundle)
  • Roaming tariff Add-ons
  • Data cap thresholds
  • Call credit limits
  • Network notification messages

Hassle Free Scalability

Our Roaming solution is easily scalable through quick deployment of additional TCG units to target countries or through accessing a network of over 100k+ professional testers (The Crowd) in over 100 countries worldwide.

The Crowd offers operators the ability to adapt their test strategy to changing market conditions and quickly target priority risk areas. The service is managed by our experienced test team and is available as a ‘Bolt-On’ service, which can be purchased on an ad-hoc basis to perform weekly or monthly Roaming test calls as required.

Roaming Service Benefits

  • Fully managed roaming service provided by BluGem test experts
  • Access to over 100k+ testers in over 100 countries worldwide
  • Test your network using real phone devices, in real-world conditions
  • Crowd testers and TCG units can be deployed at short-notice to any country
  • Flexible test cases built to meet demographic/geographical scenarios of customers’ choice
  • Network performance feedback in a live environment
  • Tracking of roaming partner network notification messages
  • Roaming customer experience network service KPI’s
  • Voice, SMS, MMS and Data scenarios including 4G Data streaming for social media apps
  • Prepaid & Postpaid tests including, SIM credit top-ups and balance enquiries
  • Reduce subscriber ‘Bill Shock’ via testing of Voice and Data cap limits
  • Network performance KPI’s include cell id, signal strength/level, network registration ID and location area code
  • Fraud tests available to detect Sim Boxes via CLI verification

Our flexible solutions mean our customers can engage our roaming managed service on a permanent or ad-hoc basis with as little as 1 weeks testing. Alternatively customers can also purchase a Sim Server system to operate internally to access 4G/LTE TCG roaming units.